About IDNtimes.com

Worth-Sharing Content for Young and Smart Generation

IDNtimes.com is an independent online media company that produces trending, relevant, and worth-sharing content to young generation in Indonesia. We have our own authentic journalistic approach and creative voice that include lots of visuals, listicles, and interactive contents. We create content that makes people want to share with each other.

Winston Utomo

Founder's Letter

When William and I started this company back in 2014, our goal is to bring positive impacts to young generation through worth-sharing content. As many young generation enter the mobile space and consume content via social media, we believe that the media landscape has shifted, especially in Indonesia, the beautiful country where both of us were born and spent most of our lives in. Young generation rarely read newspapers nor watch television. They spent most of their time online; using social media and messaging apps to be specific. That is why we create IDN Media. We want to build a media company for the future.

IDN Media was established with the vision to be the leading media company that connects young generation in Indonesia through worth-sharing content, delivered with continuous innovation and advanced technology. We currently operate 2 digital media: IDNtimes.com and POPBELA.com; a video production house: IDNtv; a live event organizer: HYPERLINK PROJECT, and a creative digital agency: StoryWorx.

We strongly believe that mobile and social media is the next (now) big thing. That is why we focus ourselves on building a mobile-first platform and creating content that are social-media-friendly. There is no single formula for a successful content, and despite the massive traffic that we are having, we still make a lot of mistakes. We love mistakes. We embrace failures. We learn from them. We know that in order to achieve greatness, we should keep learning, moving fast, innovating, working hard, and more importantly, being humble.

William and I envision IDN Media to make positive changes in today’s media industry. We want IDN Media to be a 100+ years old sustainable media company that was born from the digital revolution in Indonesia. We never believe in short-term gain, including juicing pageviews in improper ways, misleading readers with fake title, and having too many ads that aggravate our readers. Our readers are and will always be our #1 priority.

We are blessed that we have been surrounded by so many kind-hearted, brilliant, and passionate team members. From our first hire, senior members, to interns, they all are genuinely nice and smart people who want to make positive changes in today’s world. They all are the reasons why IDN Media can become today’s IDN Media. They all are the reasons why we have such a great culture. We have a “create your own” working hours policy, TGIF every Friday (yes, it means no work, drinks, and fun, lots of fun!), friendly environment, “wear anything” dress code policy, ambitious targets that make our team stretch themselves, transparent communication, and less bureaucracy. We also want to do things the right way. Ultimately, our team are our priority. Always have, always will. We want IDN Media to not only become the biggest new media company in Indonesia, but also the best workplace in the nation. And we are very serious about it. We will do every necessary steps to make it happen.

From its beginning of 2-people team to over 60 awesome-people team, from an office in 2x3M flat room to two comfy offices (or as we call them “Creative Labs”) in Surabaya and Jakarta, from less than 100 monthly readers to a loyal readership of 12 million Millennials per month, we believe that it is only the beginning. We will keep working hard, moving fast, innovating, and giving our best to achieve our ultimate goal: to bring positive impacts to young generation through worth-sharing content.

Winston & William