About Us

Winston & William

IDN Times is the leading multi-platform digital media covering news and entertainment for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia.

Founded on 8 June 2014, IDN Media has grown to become the leading media platform company that positively impacts 70 million+ Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia.

It all began on a sunny afternoon. Winston Utomo, who was still working at Google Singapore, asked himself a question, “Millennials and Gen Z are the majority of the population in Indonesia, however, why is there no media targeting these two generations? How can Indonesia become a powerhouse in the global economy? Why is Indonesia very centralized in Jakarta? How do we resolve the information gap and provide equal access to information to everyone in Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua?”

Sparked by these questions, Winston quickly went home, took a piece of paper, enthusiastically wrote down the ideas he had, and started to develop the product he had written on a piece of paper. With just an overnight development in his apartment room, Winston launched the first version of IDN Times. On 8 June 2014 at 11 A.M. in the afternoon, IDN Media was born.

Later that night, Winston called his brother William, who was still in Los Angeles. Just minutes after the conversation, William was convinced that IDN Media would disrupt and revolutionize the media industry. He believed that the time is now. He then put away his dream to become an investment banker, as he realized that the impact on the society that IDN Media could bring would be very massive and positive. William quickly flew home from Los Angeles and worked on the business plan for the early stage of IDN Media.

Fast forward to today, IDN Media is now the leading media platform company for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia with a vision to democratize information and bring positive impacts to society. IDN Media currently operates 2 platforms: IDN and Yummy, 6 digital media: IDN Times, Popbela.com, Popmama.com, Duniaku.com, GGWP.ID, and Fortune; a digital agency: IDN Creative; an experiential marketing agency: IDN Event; a creator marketing platform: IDN Creator Network; a programmatic out-of-home media: IDN Programmatic OOH; a technology-based film company: IDN Pictures; an independent fact-tank: IDN Research Institute; and a non-profit social organization: IDN Foundation.

As IDN Media grows, our goal to positively impact the society remains the same. Driving up its business towards more impactful expansions has become one of the ways IDN Media does to implement it. IDN Media believes that this is just the beginning of its journey一it has only scratched the surface of its whole vision. One step at a time, for a better Indonesia.

Winston Utomo & William Utomo