About Us

IDN Times is the leading multi-platform media company for Millennials and Gen Z. Our vision is to become the voice of Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia.

Winston & William

When William and I founded IDN Media on 8th June 2014, we started with a vision: to democratize access to accurate, balanced, useful, and positive information and ultimately, to become the voice of Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia and to bring positive impacts on the society.

IDN Media currently operates 4 digital media: IDN Times, Popbela.com, Popmama.com, and Yummy; a creative digital agency: IDN Creative; an event agency: IDN Event; and a creator marketing agency: IDN Creator Network.

We strongly believe that mobile, multi-platform, and interactive content are the next (now) big things. Most of our readers access our content via mobile, and since our mobile traffic has grown very rapidly in recent years, we have shifted our internal focus, including our editorial and technology, to be a mobile-first company. Besides mobile, multi-platform is the new era. We can no longer rely on a single platform (website or app) to attract readers. We have to keep adapting and creating content on the platforms they prefer. We have to be everywhere. Not only online, but we also have to be present offline. This is why we create innovative and cutting-edge events for Millennials and Gen Z through IDN Event. Lastly, we have to be interactive by engaging our readers and making them actively interact with our content. It is no longer a 1-way street, but a 2-way street.

In terms of values, we have 8 values that we believe in IDN Media: gender equality, unity in different races and ethnicities, unity in different religions, unity in different worldview, anti sexual harassment, anti bullying, anti stereotyping, and redefining beauty. These 8 values are what we genuinely believe in IDN Media and are fighting for every single day.

Since the beginning, William and I wanted IDN Media to become a 100+ years old sustainable company that was born from the digital revolution. In order to achieve this, there are 3 core mindsets that we feel are very important. First, focus and speed. It’s all about focusing on the things that really matter and executing at a very rapid pace. Second, customer-obsessed culture. There are 5 customers in IDN Media: Timmy, Audience/Readers, Clients/Advertisers, Partners, and Investors. Understanding that customers will never ever be perfectly happy and satisfied, we have to keep focusing our business and efforts to our customers and improving ourselves to make our customers happier and more satisfied. In the end, having a customer-obsessed culture is the only way to build a sustainable company. Third, work hard, be kind to one another, and amazing things will happen. I always believe that working very hard is the key to everything. It will never ever betray you. Let's combine our strong work ethic with being kind to one another. Let's not hurt each other while we are working hard toward our mission. Let’s show compassion and genuine care for each other. Let's keep being humble and down-to-earth, and show humility to others. The moment we think we are winning is the moment we are losing. Thus, let's work very hard and be kind to one another. I'm sure amazing things will happen.

We are blessed to be surrounded by so many kind-hearted, brilliant, positive, and passionate Timmys. From our early hires to new hires, from our interns to team leaders, they all are exemplary individuals who possess a common goal, that is to make positive impacts in today’s world. They are the reasons why IDN Media could become what it is today. They are the reasons why we have a great culture.

In terms of hiring, we don’t hire people based on a certain label. We hire individuals. Because none of their background matters. Great attitude, strong work ethic, and passion matter. Not their race, religion, gender, background, sexual orientation, character, or worldview. Diversity is our core value and we will always embrace it. We want IDN Media to become not only the biggest company in the region, but also the best workplace. We will do every necessary step to make it happen. That is why Timmy is and will always be our number one priority.

From its beginnings with just two people, IDN Media now has an awesome team of over 200 Timmys. From operating in a tiny 2x3 flat room, we are currently working comfortably in two offices (or as we call them “Creative Lab”) in Surabaya and Jakarta. From less than 100 monthly readers, we now have a loyal readership of more than 50 million smart Millennials and Gen Z every month. And this is just the beginning for us. The IDN Media you see and experience today has only scratched the surface of our vision. Our journey ahead will be very challenging and tough, bumpy and rough, difficult and exhausting, but one thing for sure, it will be worth it. As long as we are focused and move fast, care deeply and genuinely about our customers, work very hard, and be kind to one another, with God’s help, everything is possible. Everything.

Now, let's continue working on what we believe and are passionate about. Let's focus on building a company that can inspire millions of Millennials and Gen Z, and make real positive impacts on the society. Let's keep doing great things together. Let's keep moving forward until we achieve our vision: to democratize access to accurate, balanced, useful, and positive information and ultimately, to become the voice of Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia and to bring positive impacts on the society.


Winston Utomo & William Utomo