Life at IDN Media

The secret ingredient that makes IDN Media a great place to work is the people. You will meet so many Timmy in IDN Media who are equally obsessed and passionate with you in what they are doing. You will be surrounded by extremely smart, friendly, and awesome people who will help you whenever you need them and push you to the next level. In IDN Media, we do cool things that contribute to the future of Indonesia. We want to bring change and to shape the future of media industry.

Perks and Benefits Working at IDN Media

  • “Create Your Own” working hours
  • “Wear Anything” dresscode policy
  • Free lunch and drinks (booze included)
  • Free freshly-brewed espresso
  • Performance-driven culture
  • Super fun teammates
  • Open culture
  • More importantly, the opportunity to shape the future of media industry in Indonesia

Our perks and benefits are specially designed to keep you happy and healthy (physically, emotionally, and financially). We want to take care of you and make sure that you can focus and enjoy what you are doing here. Ultimately, we want you to become a better person by working at IDN Media.